I would recommend going through each of the following FAQs when you are just beginning and I’ve ordered them in a way that I think unfolds intuitively (beginning with best practices and moving forward). However, feel free to jump around this page in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

1. What are some online best pedagogical practices?

2. How will my online students differ from the face-to-face students I am used to?

3. How will I communicate my teaching persona?

4. How much time can I expect to spend teaching online?

5. Where do I begin? (includes beginning of semester checklist)

6. How can I use Canvas most effectively?

7. What does the research say about teaching online?

8. How can I create a successful video/screen-cast of myself? (includes information about screen-casting from Kerri Mitchell)

9. How can I create successful online discussion?

10. How does a writing workshop work online?

11. How should I set up my weekly modules?


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