Quick Links

Canvas help

CO 300 Online

  • This wordpress site was created by Alyson Welker for teaching CO300 Online. The modules on the left side of the page can show you how to use Canvas to create modules, grade, run conferences, etc.
  • https://onlinecomposition300.wordpress.com/


Faculty Focus

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching


Great video on rhetorical situation




People to Know

The following people might be helpful during your preparation for online teaching:

  • Gayle Roslund (Program Assistant for Online Plus). Contact Gayle if you have questions about book orders or registration. Gayle.Roslund@colostate.edu
  • Lydia Page. Course Developer at Online Plus. Please contact Lydia for instructor support regarding Canvas or Online Plus in general. (970) 492-4707
  • Kathy Zellers (LMS Coordinator). Kathy has been assigned to assist the CLA with Canvas. Contact her if you want specific ideas on how to design an assignment or fulfill a course objective in Canvas. Kathy.Zellers@colostate.edu

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